Web Design

With all the possibilities open to the way that web sites can be designed, how they function and the form that they take, it can be bewildering. It is very important that the right choices are made. Web sites are always in development as there is always new things to achieve and different ways of achiving them.

Mostly we use Open Source software which includes PHP, Perl, Apache, MYSQL and GNU/Linux.


Developed in Joomla, this site was designed partly by the client and partly by us.

Updated by the client using Komposer and an ftp client.

The client wanted a simple non-fussy site to showcase their food. This site is updated in Komposer and then uploaded with an ftp client.

Updated by the client using Komposer and ftp client

PayPal is used to implement a shopping cart on this site.

This local shop's website was designed by us to be easily updated.

For sites that need to be updated by the customer we offer two alternatives.


Using a content management system like Joomla. This requires a considerable amount of development time and training, however the software is feature rich and there are thousands of modules and extensions that expand functionality.

Web authoring software and ftp

Using Komposer and an ftp client such as Fire FTP greatly reduces the cost of setting up a website and offers an easy way to update the content. The interface of Kompser will be familiar to anyone who has used word processing software such as OpenOffice.

We use scripts to aid some of the site construction and functionality. For instance a feature we use frequently is to automatically display links to files (for instance a pdf file) in designated folders. So making it easy for the client to upload new content without having to manuall link it.

As many of the sites that we design are for small businesses we often use Komposer. A lot can be achieved with a relatively modest amount of money.

We use Google Analytics to keep a track of visitors to the sites. These are very comprehensive and offer a range of tools to increase traffic and to understand how users are using the sites.

The huge amouunt of Open Source software allows sites to use this resource to achieve many things at a reasonable cost. It can be installed on the server or often it is better to take advantage of it by linking to a different website.


It is always difficult to put a price on a webiste, however many of the sites that we produce cost between £300 to £1000. Only when we know the exact requirements can we give a firm price.

If you have a specific price in mind we will advise you what can be done within that budget.