Graphic Design

We produce all our own graphical work which includes those for websites when required. Although there is less call for paper media we still do artwork for business cards, leaflets signage and brochures.

We have a large knowledge of image processing and conversion which helps in the processing of data between different mediums.


The client wanted a knowing grandmother to portray their chicken feed product which was based on the recipe handed down by generations.
We also designed their website which is authoured in Joomla.

A local data cabling company wanted a logo, website and stationery.

We needed to cover some abstract concept in this design to portray the facilitation services that this client offers. We also designed their website and stationery.

The colour for this microbial company had to be specially mixed when it went to print so that we could maintain a consistent colour match.

This roundle was created for a website and suit of stationery.

A logo, corporate ID and website were created for this comuter components company.

Corporate ID £400

We offer a single fee which allows the work to get underway without worry over escallating costs. If for some reason the design process becomes protracted then we may have to increase the cost to reflect this. However in our experience this is rare.

Included within this fee is the design of the logo and branding and advice on its use. We provide the logo in formats relevant to their use.

Other Work

We have provided designs in the past for toys, signage, leaflets, brochures and t-shirts. Please contact us to discuss any requirements that you have.